Thursday, March 24, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel...?

'Tunnel Oberkirchen' by GDelhey on Wikimedia Commons

Dear Diary,
What a frustrating couple of days!  Monday evening I took my laptop to a developer event and was frustrated at every turn by its refusal to connect via WiFi, it's inability to keep up even with my typing, battery that wont hold a charge and Hippo-like bulk.  I have tried my best to overcome these inadequacies but enough was enough: after being totally unable to follow along with the presenter's code changes I finally decided to throw in the towel.

On Tuesday things actually got worse.  My router, which has been giving me trouble for a while despite my best efforts to diagnose and fix it, now locks up every 20 minutes or so forcing me to pull the plug and reset it for another 20 minutes.  I have checked every configuration option multiple times and Googled to the ends of the Internet, all to no avail.

So here I am with a shiny new laptop and an old network hub in place of my router - it was the easiest way to re-wire my setup.  I have stable Internet access now but that doesn't help me to connect my wireless devices.  Time for a new router also?

Right now, time for sleep...

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