Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fitting an electronic quart into a half pint pot?

'Upset Businessman' from iStockPhoto via Microsoft Office Images

Dear Diary,
I am determined to turn this old clunker of a laptop into a lean, green(well okay, grey) coding machine!  It's not so long ago that a 1GHz CPU, half a Gigabyte of RAM and a 20 Gig hard drive were considered pretty decent. Well okay, maybe it has been a few years but I am going to make this work darn it.

Review BIOS settings - check.  Unusually limited access to the BIOS on this one: can't even set the date and time.  Weird.
Delete unnecessary files (round three) - check.  Found some more stuff I missed previously.  Great!  Just keep a copy of the 'Oh no bunny' photo to use as wallpaper.  :)
Delete unnecessary programs - check.  Farewell Netflix movie viewer, adios Adobe, /wave WebEx...
Eat a banana for breakfast - check.  Om Nom Nom
Set page file to fixed size - check.  1024MB ought to do for starters.
Disable anti-virus - check.
Defragment hard drive - ... come back later :)

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