Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear Google, please stop logging me out

I appreciate that when I am logged into Gmail a blogger-linked account, you will automagically log me into blogger if I open up a new blogger.com login page.

Unfortunately I have two Gmail accounts, one of which is linked to this blog.  If I sign into into the other Gmail account while I am logged into blogger you will autoannoyingly change my Gmail login to this account the next time I [Refresh] my mailbox.  I don't want to change that login.

Likewise, if I am logged in to blogger.com with the linked Gmail address and then I log into Gmail to check my other mailbox, you will autofrustratingly log me out of blogger.

I appreciate that you are trying to be helpful but it backfires in a most frustrating fashion because I have more than one Gmail account.

How about an account setting for logout behavior:
- Log out of all Google apps,
- Only log out of the current Google app, or
- Ask each time: a simple dialog box, "Do you want to log out of all Google apps?" [Yes] [No]

I can't be the only monkey with this problem...

Ian the Codemonkey.

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