Saturday, March 5, 2011

Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

Dear Diary,
'Robo Defense' was the first game I ever saw (and played) on Android.  It was the first thing that really made me go "oooh, I want that!" at a time when I was otherwise content with my Symbian-based Sony-Ericsson P1.

So of course a year later when I got my tablet, the first game I went looking for in the Marketplace was... Robo Defense.  Sure enough I downloaded the trial, got hooked and bought the pay version. (Amid much eye rolling from my then girlfriend who just could not understand the appeal of trying over and over again to place the towers in precisely the right configuration to take out every single enemy before they could escape!)

I didn't realize it at the time but I was pampered: I could view the whole map on a single screen with room to spare.
'Robo Defense' on a tablet

It came as quite a shock to (re-)discover that on a phone you have to scroll around to see everything.  It was a bit like being handed a big juicy banana that someone else had already taken a big bite out of.
'Robo Defense' on a phone

Happily the Robo Defense development folks have now upgraded the game's graphics to High Definition and added a zoom slider so that you can view almost the whole map on a phone screen, albeit with teeny tiny towers.
Now with added zoooom

Now if only they would do something about the sound effects: just thinking about that cacophony of bad noise makes my ears ring.

PS Three or possibly four fixed zoom levels would be even more useful than the variable slider

PPS Please re-size the tower purchase icons when I zoom out, otherwise they look ridiculously large. Thanks!

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